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At Deatons Metal Centre, we not only buy your car for scrap we also sell you spare car parts that are in the condition to be reused. Whether you are looking for second-hand engines, used gear boxes, or just any car spare in good condition, you are very likely to find it here, at the best prices.

We stock over 600 cars, vans and other light commercials, why not give us a call for that part you require?

All parts are available on the vehicle, or can be taken off by us or yourself.

If you are collecting parts, please ensure you wear sturdy footwear, and long sleeves, no shorts or vests - we will provide you with a safety vest that must be worn on site.

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Deatons Metal Centre
Netherthorpe, Staveley
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S43 3PZ

01246 475538
Car Spares & MOT Failures: 01246 474252
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